The church of the Holy Ghost is the first and present church of the parish.

The church, originally referred to as the church of Angusville-farms, was constructed in 1904 under the direction of Rev. A. Delaere 5.5 miles northwest of Angusville. Its faithful were visited by Bishop Vasylij Ladyka on June 9, 1935; a Solemn High Mass was celebrated on May 20, 1979 by Metropolitan Maxim Hermaniuk at which time a monument which had been erected upon the 75th anniversary of the parish in commemoration of the pioneers of the parish was blessed.

The small single-nave wooden church was constructed by two brothers, Peter and Ivan Kotucky from the settlement at Olha. The structure’s gabled roof rises steeply over the nave and descends towards the front vestibule and towards the sanctuary and sacristies in the rear. The roof is apexed centrally by a tall lantern and dome crowned with a decorative cross. Additional crosses project over the gable summits. The exterior and interior walls are finished with narrow wood siding painted a light color; the roof is covered by asphalt shingles of a similar light color. Inside the church are holy images painted upon canvas by Yakiw Majdanyk and affixed to the walls and ceiling. Near the entrance is the inscription:

“Come ye, blessed ones of God, and inherit the kingdom prepared
for you at the beginning of creation.”

A large framed representation of the Descent of the Holy Spirit hangs upon the wall behind the main altar and one of St. Nicholas adorns the left wall of the nave. The upper portions of the walls are uniformly painted with a decorative border. Six windows with sharply angulated summits are built into the lateral walls of the nave. Two similar windows are built into the central panel of the angulated wall of the sanctuary which is adjoined upon its left side by a sacristy. The walls of the church are structurally reinforced with two metal cables. A vigil light and large chandelier are suspended from the vaulted ceiling. Access to the choir loft which is supported by two vertical columns is via a steep set of stairs originating on the right side of the nave. The entire floor is uniformly carpeted. Eighteen wooden pews provide seating for approximately 100 faithful.

Adjacent to the church stand a bi-level enclosed domed belfry and a monument erected in 1975 upon the 75th anniversary of the parish commemorating the accomplishments and sacrifices of our pioneers. In continuation of the church site lies the parish cemetery within which more than 180 faithful have been laid to rest and upon which stands a memorial cross erected in 1931. The five acres of the church and cemetery land were donated to the parish by Fedir Dayday.

Settlement of the area by Ukrainian settlers began in 1899 by people emigrating primarily from Halychyna in Western Ukraine. The parish was founded by the following 17 members whose names were inscribed upon a memorial plaque in 1979: Theodore Drozdowsky, Joseph Valovec, Michael Melnyk, Oleksa Luba, Dmytro Derkach, Ignatius Kostecky, Ivan Michalchuk, Ivan Ivaniuk, Oleksa Mazur, Ivan Verbovecky, Fedir Opasky, Paul Sidoryk, Yurij Hyra, Peter Hrebeniuk, Andrew Kalyniak, Michael Dayday and Fedir Dayday. Included on this memorial plaque are the names of those families which were responsible for the erection of the monument and for the faithful care of the church: Ivan and Zenovia Stefanyshyn, Paul

and Olena Sidoryk, Peter and Nadia Kostiuk, Peter and Anna Stefanyshyn, Paul and Tina Luba, Julian and Mary Michalchuk, Joseph and Evangeline Senko, Raymond and Dorian Mazur, Matthew and Lena Stefanyshyn, Vasyl and Julia Senko, Nykola and Rosalia Chuchmuch, Leo and Rosalia Gensorek, Vasyl and Jaysy Hyra, Ivan and Evangeline Mazur, Leonard and Lena Hyra, Michael and Tina Shyndiak, Hryhorij and Julia Kuzenko, Zakhar and Anna Melnyk, Jack and Anna Melnyk, Henry and Carol Kostiuk, Morris and Paulina Michalchuk, Michael Kostiuk, Katherine Sidoryk, Natalia Gensorek, Stephanie Kostiuk, Marion Melnyk, Rosalia Greg (Majowsky), Patricia R.A. Greg, Adam Sidoryk, Ivan Sidoryk, Ivan Gensorek, Michael Sokalsky, Alexander Hyra, Constantine Gensorek, Roman Melnyk.

The following spiritually served the many members of this relatively small church as itinerant pastors: Reverends A. Delaere, I. Zarsky, I. Sholdak, H. Kryzhanowsky, S. Dydyk, N. Drohomyrecky, V. Krajkivskyj, S. Shawel, M. Oleksyn, Dr. J. Radkewycz, P. Kameneckyj, M. Ircha, V. Osadec, M. Krywucky, P. Pasichnyk, M. Hryhorijchuk, M. Shwed, T. Kocaba, I. Fornalchuk, R. Chomiak, R. Zakrewsky, V. Luchkiw, P. Laptuta, S. Oliynyk, J. Dybka, J. Bala, J. Perejda, J. Denischuk, S. Ivanochko, M. Bzdel, K. Lotocki and J. Lehky. In 1930 the parish registered 118 members; the number dwindled to 88 by 1941. Presently only 20 families remain. A Sisterhood consisting of 18 members serves the parish under the direction of Zenovia Stefanyshyn, Olena P. Sidoryk, Marion Hyra and Anna Stefanyshyn. A church Brotherhood with 19 members also serves the parish community under the leadership of Ivan H. Stefanyshyn, Paul Sidoryk, Peter M. Kostiuk and Raymond Mazur. In 1988 the parish was under the directorship of Rev. John Lehky, pastor, Ivan Stefanyshyn, Paul Sidoryk and Ivan Mazur. Cantoral duties have been performed since 1973 by Ivan Stefanyshyn.

The Ukrainian Catholic parish of the Holy Ghost Lakedale, is under the pastoral charge of Rossburn.

**This description was first written in 1989. It is incomplete and we look forward to updating this information in due time.

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